Serviced apartments offer the ideal short term accommodation solution for your stay in Sydney.  All the apartments we offer are fully furnished and well appointed.  All have beds, kitchens, linen, towels and modern appliances.  Whether you are travelling on business or pleasure we have a lot of options for you in the best parts of the city.

Sydney is a beautiful place to live and the most glorious city to visit. You can enjoy some stunning coastal walks, bush walks, historical walks and inner city ambles. You can take a ferry to some of Sydney's charming harbour islands. Waterfalls abound in Sydney and New South Wales. There is so much to see and enjoy.

Bondi Beach
A veritable surfers' paradise under the glorious Aussie sun.  See apartments >
Darling Harbour Sydney
Lovely place to stroll, see and be seen - stunning.....  See apartments >
Harbour Bridge
Best vantage point for amazing views of Sydney and the amazing Opera House.....  See apartments >
Sydney Opera House
The iconic building of Sydney - one of the most distinctive buildings of the 20th centry..... See apartments >

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb >
Fancy taking a leaf out of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews honeymoon escapades on Sydney Harbour Bridge?  You too can climb up to one of the best vantage points Sydney has to offer.  We offer lots of apartments and hotels close by so enjoy.  Click for details >

In July and August you can enjoy the climb at sunset whilst being serenaded by live music.  Winter twilight is best as the air is clear and crisp and allows more light to display the more amazing shades of pink, red and purple which appear just before the sun slips below the horizon.  Such a treat.